GABEL | Mail free week

GABEL | Mail free week

A whole week without e-mails.

That’s how Gabel on November 2015 went upstream, launching an unusual challenge for its employees: to try and work for five days by just talking and looking into people’s eyes. The idea of a “mail-free week” came to the company’s management after an analysis of the business climate, which was carried out by an expert and involved employees and workers who complained of being particularly stressed due to the huge amount of internal correspondence every day. A disruptive solution, which ironically was sent to all staff by email.

Nothing easier, nothing more extraordinary; from a simple chat, we realized how powerful the news could be! The press release with an editing that emphasized an established yet negative practice, hitting the nail on the head, and a solution pointing to a more human contact, gained unprecedented success.

The communication of the initiative gave the company the chance to highlight its corporate reputation and to enlarge the audience, with results on the most diverse media platforms.  

The media that reported the news included the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, radio programmes like Caterpillar Radio2 RAI, The Independent and the BBC online, and CBS Minnesota.

For Share a virtuous example of how an ongoing dialogue with the client generates the best results.