TUBES | 25th Anniversary

TUBES | 25th Anniversary

On the occasion of TUBES 25th anniversary, SHARE proposed to organize a special event targeting a selection of top journalists with the aim of getting them closer to the real essence of the company.

The choice felt on a press trip at the company headquarter, with one imperative: the experience had to be immersive and exclusive, while communicating the values, the heritage and the passion of the family behind the company.

We suggested to involve the artist, photographer and director Gianluca Vassallo whom we asked to tell the story of the Crosetta family and of all the people that work in Tubes, in his own peculiar way.

Every shoot and every frame stigmatized the “Human factor” behind the creation of all Tubes products, indulging on details of wise hands; workers and managers too, in their daily occupation. A selection of images, hung in the production spaces, made the atmosphere for the final surprise: an authentic-industrial mise en place greeting the 30 journalists with a high-quality gourmet concert taking place in the real heart of the plant. In the background, the touching video by Gianluca Vassallo staged the most authentic story of Tubes.